My (way in the future) Hippie Wedding Headband :)

I think weddings make just about everyone happy. What's better than committing to someone you love with all your heart for the rest of your life. Well happy and scary. But Whenever I've thought about my wedding I've never really seen myself wearing a veil, I'm just not crazy about them. I've thought about wearing fresh flowers in my hair, but then you always have the issue with them dying by the end of the night. And of course if I marry Prince Harry I would have to wear a tiara, I mean what else? But lately I've fallen in love with the new headband trend. Especially the headbands with a hippie style to them. I like how relaxed they are but also add that fun, bride feeling. I'm putting up two different one I've recently found on Style Me Pretty (the best wedding blog ever!) The first is fun for a casual beachy wedding. And the second is my favorite that I've found. I absolutely LOVE it!! My sister says it's too trendy and that I will laugh at myself in 20 years for wearing it, but I don't care. If I love it, I'll wear it!! But who knows I'll probably change my mind since I'm not getting married for another 10 years or so.

Now this one is AMAZING!!! get excited :)


  1. where can i find these head piece???? i want one really bad for my wedding!! just what i have been wanting!!

  2. Etsy has A LOT of these types of headbands! I love this dainty one from clybournave: http://www.etsy.com/listing/65492895/peace-love-and-marriage-head-piece

  3. Who's wedding are the pictures at the end of this post?